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Cleveland Browns without Brady Quinn; mgrex30 cries in his pillow

You just knew that Brady Quinn's #1 fan (mgrex30) had this game circled on his 2008 Notre Dame calendar since the NFL schedule came out. And when Cleveland Browns coach Romeo Crennel made the switch from Derek Anderson to Quinn a few weeks ago, that high pitched squeal you heard was mgrex30. I wouldn't be surprised if he wore his Quinn Notre Dame jersey everyday leading up to the game. I bet it smells... kinda like Charlie Weis' coaching ability kinda smells.

Sorry, but I think Weis is a boob. Just my opinion. ND is much too great a place to waste on Charlie Weis.

Sadly, mgrex30's dream of Brady Quinn running for his life from Dwight Freeney this Sunday was dashed to bits yesterday when Fox Sports Jay Glazer reported Quinn was placed on IR due to his broken index finger (tip to Marked Hoosier). Derek Anderson, the benched one, is now the QB again.

Prior to Quinn's injury, he was playing well. It was always my opinion that Cleveland made a mistake re-signing Anderson. They had drafted Quinn in the first round, and one does not draft first round QBs to have them sit. They either got it or they don't, and wasting valuable cap dollars on a QB like Anderson was not a smart move for Browns GM Phil "F*@k you" Savage. I think Cleveland fans realize this because they are not stupid. Don't get me wrong: Anderson can be a good QB, especially when his WRs catch the friggin ball, but having so much money invested in two QBs is not a recipe for success.

Anderson playing does not make this game any easier. He is more than capable at getting the ball to his playmakers, and he is playing to audition his skills for teams that could want him again this off-season.