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What others are saying about Pats v. Colts

The Big Lead was not impressed:

Anyone else find this game incredibly difficult to watch?

I did, and my team won.

18 to 88:

This team is average on offense, average on defense, and average on special teams. It is no surprise that they are 4-4. It's really tough to find 6 wins left on the schedule, even assuming they sweep the rest of their home games. They aren't that good, but there is a lot of pride left on this team. They won't go out quietly. There could be some real joy in watching Peyton rally an undermanned team into the playoffs.

Again, I've disagreed with 18 to 88 on this point all season. The Broncos an "average" team. The Jaguars are an "average" team. The Colts are a very good team playing inconsistently. The results look average because the record is average (4-4). Meanwhile, the Titans are an average team playing at a very consistent level. The result is an 8-0. Play consistent in all areas, and the results are often a W.

And finally, AOL Snickerhouse:

So the Colts sit at 4-4 and right in the AFC mix for the playoffs, and the Pats now find themselves in a three-way tie atop the most competitive division in football at 5-3 (Dolphins are 4-4).

The way things are going right now, I don't think either team makes the postseason.

AOL Fanhouse also thought the Jags and Chargers were elite teams prior to the start of 2008. Go fig.