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Quick Recap: Colts 10-Browns 6

Like so many games against Cleveland in the past, the results are a muddy, sloppy, low-scoring, physical game. Personally, I thought Cleveland's gameplan screamed of playing scared. Kellen Winslow, Josh Cribbs, and Braylon Edwards, Joe Thomas... and the Browns tried to play keep away all game long. It came back to bite them in the end because the Colts defense stepped up and made a big play to take the lead and win the game on a Dwight Freeney forced fumble on QB Derek Anderson. Robert Mathis picked up the fumble are ran it in for the game winning TD. In this game, the defense and special teams bailed out the Colts offense.

Colts offense ran the ball pretty well, but the short yardage execution was about as bad as it gets. With no Jeff Saturday and no Ryan Lilja, why in God's name are the Colts running ANYTHING on short yardage, especially against the Browns and their wretched pass defense? Give the Browns credit. They manned up and shut down some big short yardage runs. But, for the life of me, I have no idea why Indy is trying to drive the ball into mammoth DT Shaun Rodgers when Saturday is not the one blocking him.

But whatever. A win is a win. Hopefully, this quells the bad feelings between Browns fans and the Colts. To read up on Browns fans and their thoughts on the game, check out Dawgs By Nature.

Let's hope the injuries to Gary Brackett and Freddie Keiaho are not serious. I also hope Derek Anderson is OK. We don't need ANOTHER Pro Bowl QB going down in this league. The bright side is we are winning the games we are supposed to. Go colts!

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