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The Draft Class at Midseason

The Colts class is hard to evaluate. They didn't have a first rounder and their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounders missed a good chunk of time with injuries. That means not a lot of instant impact. Pollak is starting now, but looks like a rookie pretty often. Wheeler is back, but only playing special teams, since the Colts have 4 LBs with starting experience. Tamme hasn't played much, but was a standout in preseason. 5th rounder Marcus Howard is stuck behind 4 healthy veteran DEs, TE Tom Santi has seen some time as the 3rd TE and had a nice TD catch. Mike Hart looked good in preseason and great on the two touches he got before blowing out his knee. Pierre Garcon looked good as a wide receiver in preseason and now that he has taking over return duties he's looking pretty good there. The 6th and 7th round linemen Justice and Richard were a big help in keeping the Colts alive early, but are now back on the bench with Saturday, Ugoh and Pollak back.

They filled the one spot where they needed a starter and the rest of the class looks good.

I'd grade it a B so far. They didn't get a big impact early, but they got what they were looking for.

Any other thoughts?