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Why I say "no" to DeAngelo Hall (and why thinking he will be a Colt is a pipe dream)

Last year, we Mike Florioed a rumor that the Colts were going ot trade for DeAngelo Hall. It didn't happen. I'm thankful for that. For all the hype and press Hall gets, the fact of the matter is he is not a good corner. Hall can't carry Kelvin Hayden's and Marlin Jackson's jocks. I don't even think he is better than Tim Jennings or Dante Hughes. Maybe he is better than Ratliff. Maybe.

I know Indy's secondary is banged up, but Hall is not the answer. Hall gets beat... ALOT. I swear he has to wear a flame retardant jersey he gets burned so much. He also doesn't like to tackle, hasn't played much zone, and his ideal is Deion Sanders.

Deion friggin Sanders.

So, while I agree a boost to the Colts secondary would help, DeAngelo Hall is likely not the answer. Of course, watch me be totally wrong and Bill Polian signs the guy just to make people like me look like a schmuck.