Steelers Fan At Your Disposal

First a disclaimer: my feeings for the Indianopolis Colts leave me feeling rather ashamed almost. I frequently acknowledge Peyton Manning's greatness; there's no denying he's as good a role model as any in sports, for his work ethic if nothing else; and regardless of whether you agree with him or not on things like religion, it's hard not to feel anything but respect for Tony Dungy. And as a Steelers fan, that sentiment is amplified due to his deep roots with the Pittsburgh Steelers during the Chuck Noll years.

With ALL that said. I really don't like the Colts. Don't know what it is. I want the Steelers to win this one more than any other game on the schedule. Part of the resentment is hard to pinpoint. Part of it stems from my unwavering awareness of just how good and dangerous any Colts team is at this stage in Peyton's career come playoff time.

So, let's hope both teams play well and more than anything else, avoid any injurys to either side. If your situation has been anything like the Steelers, you likely feel like one or two more key losses could be the straw that breaks the camels back. A clean game, please please please.

So as we all get excited in anticipation for Sunday, feel free to ask away about anything Steelers related past, present or future. Me and other Steelers partisans who will likely make the trek over here are at your disposal.

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