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Predictor Picks for Week 10

Last week, the Predictor was .500 at 7-7.  It got the Bengals winning their first game, but missed badly on the Seahawks and Raiders.

Here are the picks for Week 10.  There are a couple things here I'd like to comment on:

  • It really likes Cleveland tonight.  Everyone here knows my feelings, and expect the Browns to win tonight.  I'll have my Brady for Heisman shirt on tonight as I watch.
  • The Saints are very good at home, bad on the road.  This agrees with that.
  • Baltimore over Houston is the highest probability game I've seen yet this year.  It must know Sage Rosenfels is back under center. 
  • It still really likes Oakland.  I need to do more research as to why that is, because it just doesn't make much sense.
  • Eagles/Giants is a toss up, which I also agree with.  Should be a good game Sunday Night.
Win % Away Home Win %
4.8% Denver
Cleveland 95.2%
13.0% New Orleans
Atlanta 87.0%
71.6% Tennessee Chicago 28.4%
75.4% Jacksonville Detroit 24.6%
31.8% Seattle Miami 68.2%
29.6% Green Bay Minnesota 70.4%
10.3% Buffalo New England 89.7%
47.9% St. Louis N.Y. Jets 52.1%
99.4% Baltimore Houston 0.6%
47.3% Carolina Oakland 52.7%
38.6% Indianapolis Pittsburgh 61.4%
38.6% Kansas City San Diego 61.4%
50.9% N.Y. Giants Philadelphia 49.1%
14.6% San Francisco Arizona 85.4%