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Dom is running better than Addai right now

If you want to be taken seriously you have to admit when you were wrong. Addai is no longer playing better than Dom so far. I still think Addai is the better back, but after last weeks awful return performance for Addai, Dom has overtaken him in both FO stats and took a significant YPC lead.

Addai was clearly not ready to take the workload that was dumped on him. The Colts need to get a good split going between the two backs. Addai is an great back when he is healthy and not shouldering a heavy workload. Addai was at his best when he was splitting carries with Dom, taking just over half of the load (55%) rather than being the workhorse. Last year Addai wore down at the end of the year even while Kenton Keith was taking a good chunk of the time in the backfield, leaving Addai with 62% of the carries.

Polian suggested that Dom will take a bigger share of the carries this week, which is great news whether Addai is healthy or not. In the games Addai has played this year he has taken 86% of the carries. Few backs can handle that much of the workload and it isn't a surprise that he got injured while taking so many carries. The player I optimistically compare Addai to, Bryan Westbrook has struggled with injuries early in his career and had his best seasons while taking both less than 275 carries total and less than 75% of the teams carries.

Addai needs a partner in the backfield to keep him healthy and productive Dom looks like he can be that guy.

I'll paraphrase an earlier comment I made on Addai "he reminds me of Westbrook, in that if you use him as much as you'd like to he'll get hurt and you don't get to use him at all."

Addai is the best back on the team, but Dom deserves more carries, especially as Addai recovers from injury.