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Shake's Pro Bowl Ballot: Fullbacks/Tight Ends

Voting closed Tuesday (which is ridiculous, but I'll stay on track) result will be announced next Tuesday.

Fullbacks: No question on either of the picks. AFC: La'Ron McClain, NFC: Madison Hedgecock. McClain has over 600 rushing yards, 7 TDs and has been both running consistently and very successful on short yardage (2nd of all backs in success rate). The NFC doesn't have an effective RBs masquerading as a FB so I'll go with the man that's clearing the way for the leagues top rushing attack (by total yardage, yards per carry and DVOA).

AFC Tight Ends:

Tony Gonzalez, leads all TEs in yards, receptions, TDs and DYAR. He's still got plenty in the tank. He's on pace for 96 receptions 1,082 yards and 9 TDs.

Owen Daniels, I'd love to give the spot to Clark, but Daniels has more receptions, more yards and higher DYAR and DVOA.

NFC TIght Ends:

Jason Witten, Cowboys hate aside he's been the 2nd most productive TE in the league this year. Second in yards, receptions and DYAR.

Chris Cooley, Second in the league in TE receptions, 3rd in yards, 74% catch% and a DYAR favorite