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2008 NFL MVP Update: It's over, and if anyone says Warner they get their tongue cut out

Seriously folks, it is over. Peyton Manning is the 2008 NFL MVP. His only "competition" laid an egg at home to the Tavaras Jackson-led Vikings. For those keeping score, Kurt Warner has nearly the same stats this year as he did last year. Oh, and he's fumbled the ball 10 times this year, losing 6 of them. Yep, real MVP stuff there.

Meanwhile, Peyton Manning just helped his team win their 7th game in a row. His completition percentage is now back up over 65%, and he's tossed 23 TDs and only 12 INTs with one fumble (not lost).

Again, Warner has 19 turnovers this year. Manning has 12. This is no longer a debate. Chad Pennington is more of an MVP candidate now than Kurt Warner, who STILL can't play well when his team plays a quality opponent.

Over! Done! Kaput! If one more dumb ESPN "blogger" writes that Kurt Warner is his MVP, my virtual foot is going up his virtual behind. Honestly, do these guys even watch the games? What the hell has Warner done other than win the worst division in football with just 8 wins?

Real MVP candidates this far:

Peyton Manning, Colts (Why? This team would have 6 wins without him)

Adrian Peterson, Vikings (Why? Best back in football)

Chad Pennington, Dolphins (Why? Only 6 turnovers all year; took 1-15 team from a year ago and turned them into playoff contender)

Who's gone from MVP discussion (i.e., if you still consider these guys MVPs, you're a moron):

Kurt Warner, Cardinals (Captain Fumbleator is a turnover machine)

Brett Favre, Jets (Turnovers, sloppy play, lost to 49ers)

Matt Ryan, Falcons (Impressive rookie, but Michael Turner is that team's MVP)