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Stampede Blue predicts the Pro Bowl


AFC QBs: Peyton Manning (Colts), Jay Cutler (Broncos), Chad Pennington (Dolphins)

NFC QBs: Kurt Warner (Cardinals), Drew Brees (Saints), Matt Ryan (Falcons)


AFC RBs: Thomas Jones (Jets), Chris Johnson (Titans), Steve Slaton (Texans)

NFC RBs: Clinton Portis (Redskins), Brandon Jacobs (Giants), and DeAngelo Williams (Panthers)


AFC FB: La'Ron McClain (Ravens)

NFC FB: Madison Hedgecock (Giants)


AFC WRs: Reggie Wayne (Colts), Andre Johnson (Texans), Lee Evans (Bills), Vincent Jackson (Chargers)

NFC WRs: Roddy White (Falcons), Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals), Greg Jennings (Packers), Anquan Boldin (Cardinals)


AFC TEs: Tony Gonzalez (Chiefs), Owen Daniels (Texans)

NFC TEs: Jason Witten (Cowboys), Chris Cooley (Redskins)


AFC O-line: Jake Long (Dolphins), Micheal Roos (Titans), Ryan Clady (Broncos), Jack Scott (Titans), Ben Hamilton (Broncos), Logan Mankings (Patriots), Kevin Mawae (Titans), Jeff Saturday (Colts)

NFC O-line: David Diehl (Giants), Kareem McKenzie(Giants), Jordan Gross (Panthers), Rich Seubert (Giants), Chris Snee (Giants), Jamar Nesbit (Saints), Shaun O'Hara (Giants), Jeff Faine (Buccaneers)


AFC D-line: Dwight Freeney (Colts), Robert Mathis (Colts), Mario Williams (Texans), Albert Haynesworth (Titans), Kris Jenkins (Jets), Shaun Rodgers (Browns)

NFC D-line: Justin Tuck (Giants), Jon Abraham (Falcons), Jared Allen (Vikings), Kevin Williams (Vikings), Jay Ratliff (Cowboys), Fred Robbins (Giants)


AFC LBers: James Harrison (Steelers), Joey Porter (Dolphins), Terrell Suggs (Ravens), Gary Brackett (Colts), Ray Lewis (Ravens)

NFC LBers: DeMarcus Ware (Cowboys), Julian Peterson (Seahawks), Lance Briggs (Bears), Patrick Willis (49ers), Jon Beason (Panthers)


AFC CBs: Nnamdi Asomugha (Raiders), Cortland Finnigan (Titans), Chris McAllister (Ravens)

NFC CBs: Chris Gamble (Panthers), Charles Woodson (Packers), Asante Samuel (Eagles)


AFC Safeties: Troy Polamalu (Steelers), Ed Reed (Ravens)

NFC Safeties: Tanard Jackson (Buccaneers), Chris Harris (Panthers)


AFC Kicker and Punter: Rob Bironas (Titans), Sam Koch (Ravens)

NFC Kicker and Punter: Jason Hanson (Lions), Brad Maynard (Bears)


AFC Returner: Josh Cribbs (Browns)

NFC Returner: Allen Rossum (49ers)


AFC Special Teamer: Darrell Reid (Colts)

NFC Special Teamer: Jason Snelling (Falcons)


Some notes:

  • The Colts should have seven Pro Bowlers
  • The AFC South should have 18 Pro Bowlers, which would pretty much re-establish what we already know: The AFC South is the best division in the AFC.
  • These predictions are a result of using FO's DVOA.
  • No, Adrian Peterson is not a Pro Bowler. Adrian Peterson has seven fumbles. Seven. No real Pro Bowl caliber RB commits seven friggin fumbles. That's like nominating a safety who can't cover.
  • Special thanks to shake n bake for making these predictions! You can read his Pro Bowl selection predictions, and his reasoning, here.