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Short Week Injury Report

Update: Final report is out


Out: Gary Brackett


No Practice: Chad Simpson (ankle), Marvin Harrison (knee EDIT: They switched it to a hamstring injury today)

Wednesday Only: Dwight Freeney (foot)

Tues/Wed Practice: Addai, Bethea, Clark, Hagler, Charlie Johnson, Keiaho, Sanders, Saturday, Ugoh


A bit different on the short week. Monday they estimated which players would sit out if they did practice (they didn't) the Monday report had 15 players including Adam Vinatieri. Tuesday they practiced and released a report.

Still Out: Gary Brackett (fibula)

Back Out: Chad Simpson (ankle),

New Additions: Dwight Freeney (foot), Marvin Harrison (knee),

Back/Still at Practice: Bob Sanders, Joseph Addai, Tyjuan Hagler, Jeff Saturday, Keyunta Dawson

link (in case you are interested in the 8 other players with bumps or bruises that would have kept them from practicing the day after a game.)