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Yep, there's a game tonight against the Spotted Kitties


Bob Sanders is coming to kill your team


The quick turn around from Sunday's game to now adds an "odd" quality to this game. Oh, and in case you hadn't noticed, Tony Dungy is already resting starters. Last Sunday, he sat Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis for much of the game against Detroit. The result was zero pass rush and Detroit's QB Dan Orlovky looking like Dan Marino. Dungy also sat Bob Sanders and Joseph Adddai for that game even though both could have played. Why'd he do this?

For the Jaguars game.

Expect Dwight, Robert, Bob, and Joseph to play, and play a lot. Marvin Harrison was scratched from tonight's game (Tip to Nideak) because of a hamstring injury that was originally posted as a knee injury. Of course, anything that involves Marvin's knee is immediately going to freak the hell out of every Colts fan. However, it seems like it is just a hamstring pull. He's fine, and just needs rest. By sitting Marvin for this game, it gives him two whole weeks to heal in time for the Titans game. For the rest of the team, with Bob and Joseph back in the fold, this is the healthiest the Colts have been in a long, long time.

What Dungy is hoping for is getting almost everyone back for this game against the Jaguars, hopefully winning the game, and then resting folks the last week of the season in a seemingly meaningless game against Tennessee (for the second year in a row, I might add). We can question the methodology all we want, but the issue here is that if Indy makes the playoffs, they will play all their games on the road. And right now, they don't know where they may go, and I stress may.

Before we bash Dungy for resting starters going into the playoffs, LET'S GET INTO THE PLAYOFFS.

Going down to Jacksonville and winning a game like this is not easy. It wasn't easy in 2005 when the Colts were undefeated going into the game. It wasn't easy last year, beating them in Indy to secure the division. It won't be easy this year even though Jacksonville's season is over and players are essentially quitting on Jack Del Rio.