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BBS tells Chiefs fans, "Hey, that's great! But, who are the 'Chefs?'"

Great googly-moogly! Yesterday, I wrote a FanPost on Arrow Head Pride about how the Chiefs should rebuild their team. I used the Colts as an example, and I paralleled the Colts in 1998 with the Chiefs in 2008.Here's a small bit:

Like your Chiefs, we juggled mediocre QB after mediocre QB, signed bad free agents (Eric Dickerson), had terrible drafts (Jeff George), and set records for ineptness. The RCA Dome back then was not the loud, deafening hell hole for opponents it will be remembered for. Indy was a ghost town for football, and the Colts were the red-headed step child of the state's great sports heritage.

Then, something happened.

The old owner, Bob, got sick, and later died. His son Jim (a young, vibrant guy with a smart football IQ) took over the team and started making changes. His first move was to bring in a new person to run the football operations. This someone was someone that brought a "new set of eyes" and was "outside the organization." He was known as a "shrewd evaluator of talent" and had an impressive track record with other clubs.

That guy was Bill Polian. He used his first draft pick in Indy on U. of Tennessee QB Peyton Manning. You know the rest.

Today, the Chiefs are in nearly the exact same position as the Colts in 1997. Coming off an awful year, their new owner (the son of the late Lamar Hunt) has stepped in, asserted himself, and talked of change. And the change he has talked about sounds (to me at least) like the "good" kind of change.

Chiefs fans had a tremendous positive reaction to the post; much bigger than I expected. Please go to AHP and read the post. I hope you enjoy it.