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Predictor Picks for Week 16

Last week, the Predictor was 10-6, for the second week in a row. That puts me at 139-85 on the season, which is 62.1%. Still strong.

I'd also like to point out that it was all over Minnesota taking it to the Cardinals last week, and would have had another win had the Chiefs not completely blown the game against the Chargers.

Here are the picks for Week 16:

Win % Away Home Win %
35.8% Indianapolis Jacksonville 64.2%
98.8% Baltimore Dallas 1.2%
52.5% Cincinnati Cleveland 47.5%
61.4% New Orleans Detroit 38.6%
65.6% Miami Kansas City 34.4%
12.7% Arizona New England 87.3%
89.4% San Francisco St. Louis 10.6%
52.5% Pittsburgh Tennessee 47.5%
29.2% San Diego Tampa Bay 70.8%
16.4% Buffalo Denver 83.6%
24.5% Houston Oakland 75.5%
57.4% N.Y. Jets Seattle 42.6%
9.6% Atlanta Minnesota 90.4%
30.0% Philadelphia Washington 70.0%
48.9% Carolina N.Y. Giants 51.1%
52.5% Green Bay Chicago 47.5%

Not really related to these picks, but I'd like to know who has the NFL Network, and who doesn't. I've had it on my cable system ever since it started, so I've never lived without it. Just trying to get an idea how many people don't have it.