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Shakedown League Update

1 week to go and well, the playoff field is set. Isn't this anticlimactic.

48 layers of Kevlar (dothemathis98) clinches the #1 seed, leaving Pat Beach 4 President (Matic) with the #2 spot and other bye week. I (The Inflamed Bursa Sacs) lock in at #3 with the largest margin of victory of the week despite benching Westbrook for Ryan Grant (-33.1 points). We keep on rolling with the clinches with Tom Brady's Bastard Children at #4 (furrycolt), they hold a one game lead and the head to head over both 7-6 teams)

A Hartbreaker for Aerostar193 as Slaton comes up 3.5 points short from closing a 36 point deficit to put him into the playoffs.

The failed comeback ended Fighting For Last's plummet toward the bottom leaving jbd's squad fighting for the #5 seed. His competition is ttmemphis' Memphis Red Dog's. Memphis Red Dogs won the head to head matchup so gets the 5 seed with a win, but falls to #6 with a loss and Fighting for Last win.

The current playoff field

  1. 48 Layers of Kevlar (dothemathis98) 12-1 [clinched #1]
  2. Pat Beach For President (Matic) 11-2 [clinched bye]
  3. The Inflamed Bursa Sacs (Shake) 10-3 [clinched division]
  4. Tom Brady's Bastard Children (furrycolt) 8-5 [clinched #4 seed]
  5. Fighting For Last (jdb) 7-6
  6. Memphis Red Dogs (ttmemphis) 7-6

In the playing for pride division slash196 won a 4th straight game (after a 0-7, then 1-8 start) propelling Marlin Bob Antoine Kelvin - Heavy Hitters to the top of the consolation brackett

Hey there's consolation playoffs too you know

  1. Marlin Bob Antoine Kelvin - Heavy Hitters (slash196) 5-8
  2. Hart Attack (Aerostar193) 5-8
  3. Gotta Have Hart (Markfive05) 4-9
  4. The Vanderjerks (beckmania) 4-9
  5. Philidelpha Ninja Hands (JakeOB33) 3-10
  6. Moorehead Soft Hands Corp. (torontocoltsfan) 2-11

Since there is little suspense for this week I'll add some.