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Dome Sweet Dome


Today's the day we say farewell
To the Colts original home
How do we even begin to tell
Of memories we have of this dome

The dome made Indy more than a race
It gave them a spot on the map
And best of all it gave people a place
Where they could yell and clap

The Colts came riding into town
Soon after the dome was completed
They wanted a place to win a crown
And possibly go undefeated

Those dreams looked rather dreary
In this dome's early years
The team was growing somewhat weary
Of all the loud boos and jeers


But then one day a savior came
That saved the dome from the hatin'
You've probably heard this great man's name
They call him Manning, Peyton

Throughout the years he's had a great time
At the dome that looks like a bubble
As the years go by the legend will continue to climb
Even after this dome turns to rubble

Of course the greatest memory ever made
Happened in the year of '07
The AFC Championship was being being played
For purists, it was football heaven

The Colts and the Pats had already played
In many a great football duel
But a large early lead left many dismayed
And wondering why fate was so cruel

But before you could say "I'm gonna be leavin'
Manning led the team back
He brought the score back to 21 even
The Colts were on the attack

From that point on, the battle raged
The rest of the game was a fight
Both of the teams were fully engaged
We knew it was gonna to be tight

As the game neared its end with time running out
The Colts were the ones with the ball
Peyton wanted to leave no doubt
And win this thing once and for all

So he threw the ball with all his might
All around the great field
He hit his receivers, left and right
He wasn't going to yield

As he neared the goal line, the voice of a friend said,
"Hand off the ball to Addai"
It may have seemed strange, but the defense was dead
So he decided to give it a try

To everyone's delight, the play worked out
Addai walked in for the score
Then Marlin's pick removed all doubt
The Colts had won by four

After the game, the party began
The people could feel the dome shake
Everyone celebrated player, coach, and fan
With enough confetti to fill a small lake


But lest we forget the Colts weren't alone
Others were crowned in this place
It's held band competitions where tubas were blown
And the air probably messed up the bass

The Final Four was held here as well
Four times as you know, if you're keen
It was one moment that shined as all could tell
For Miles, Joakim, and Mateen

More than anything else, the things we'll remember
Are all the memories that were made here
From the start of the year to the end of December
Great games were played here each year

And the hundred yard stage isn't the only spot
Where our memory sends
We'll remember the times in the seats that we bought
As we spent time with family and friends

Now as we come to say goodbye
We thank you for all the good times
Let's hope our emotions can fully imply
What cannot be captured in rhymes