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Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts: Week 16

Editor's Note:  Be sure to get your picks in for the Stampede Blue Prediction Contest.  You have until 1:00 ET SundayGet your picks in sooner rather than later.

Welcome to Week 16 of your Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts.  I'll review last week before going into this week's studs and duds.


  • Tyler Thigpen:  171 passing, 1 TD/1 INT, 41 rush yds, 1 TD = 20 pts.  Even though the Chiefs completely blew the game against the Chargers, Thigpen didn't play all that bad.  I'll take it.
  • Maurice Morris:  86 yds rush = 8 pts.  No TDs leave me without a correct pick here.  Did anyone actually watch this game last week?
  • Davone Bess25 yards = 2 pts.  This is what is so frustrating about fantasy football.  The guy has 3 great weeks in a row, has a great matchup, and completely disappears.  Oh well.


  • Jay Cutler: 172 yds passing, 1 TD/1 INT, 9 rush yds = 10 pts.  He struggled against a very good Panther defense, especially in Charlotte.  I really hope they get it done this weekend, and playing the Bills will certainly help.  I'd rather not have to go back to San Diego.
  • Marshawn Lynch: 127 yds rushing, 13 rec. = 13 pts. Lynch had a big day running the ball, but didn't find the end zone.  I'll be conservative and say it was decent enough that he wasn't a bust last week.
  • Calvin Johnson: 110 yards, 1 TD, 1 FL = 15 pts.  Boy is he good.  I had no idea he lost a fumble on the last play of the game last week, as I'd turned it off before that happened.  I'm sure that cost somebody a FFL win.

Bonus Pick: Peyton Manning: 318 yards, 1 TD = 18 pts.  I won't count it, as it was too easy.  Manning continues his MVP season with nice numbers against a bad defense.

So I was 2/6 last week, and 45/94 for the season.  Ugh.  Here are you fantasy nuggets for Week 16:


  • Dan Orlovsky vs. NO:  Orlovsky looked half-way decent last week against the Colts, and the Saints are 28th in the league against QB.  Is this the week?
  • Ricky Williams vs. KC: The Dolphins are playing to keep their playoff hopes alive, and the Chiefs blew their game last week at the end, a game they should have never lost.  I don't think this one will be close.
  • Jerricho Cotchery vs. SEA:  The Jets have not won on the West Coast yet this year.  In a must win for them, I think they get it done.  Seattle is dead last against WR this season. 


  • Philip Rivers vs. TB: In a must win for both teams, the Buccaneers are playing at home, where they haven't lost yet this season.  They are also 5th best against QB this season.  Did I mention I'd rather not go back to San Diego?
  • Chris Johnson vs. PIT:  "Crazy Legs" is going to have a tough time today against the #2 defense against RB this season.  Plus they may be down late, causing his effectiveness to diminish slightly.  I still am undecided who I want to win.
  • Terrell Owens vs. BAL: Witten is going to get a lot of balls this week.  The Ravens are 4th best against WR this week, Romo is banged up, and the Ravens want to kill someone after last week.  They may spoil the last game in Texas Stadium.  I don't think Owens will get many catches.

Bonus pick:  Drew Brees vs. DET. The Saints are out of the playoff race, so their only motivation is to not be the only team to lose to the Lions this season.  There's an outside chance it happens this week.  We shall see...

Good Luck to everyone who is in their "Super Bowl" this week.  I am in one league, but I haven't followed it much this season.  Maybe I'll sneak a victory out.