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2008 NFL MVP Update: Peyton Manning has "staked his claim"


It is pretty sad when Warren Sapp makes more sense discussing the MVP "race" than Peter King does. And, after this weekend of games, and after watching Adrian Peterson and Ben Roethlisberger fumble away any and all chance they had to potentially win the award, it is still amazing to think that there will likely be someone who votes for a player other than Peyton Manning. But, there likely will be, and maybe it will be our boy Peter, who recently admitted he voted for Carnell Lake for MVP in 1997.

Carnell Lake, folks. Over Brett Favre and Barry Sanders. I just barfed.

Now, when you read Peter's reasons, they make some sense, but not much:

That was my lonely little Carnell Lake vote, coming from the year when Lake played at an all-pro level at both corner and safety, led the Steelers in sacks, and led a defense that held quarterbacks to a league-low 53-percent completions.

Pretty crazy year.

I remember that year. The Steelers were 11-5, but no one saw them as a premiere team with Super Bowl prospects. Maybe King did, but his knowledge of football has always been suspect. The Green Bay Packers, meanwhile, were 13-3 and coming off their Super Bowl season. Brett Favre responded in '97 by throwing for almost 4,000 yards and 35 TDs. The Packers, without Favre, would have been nothing. The other MVP candidate (some guy for the Lions named Barry Sanders), rushed for over 2,000 yards and had 14 total TDs.

Yet, in the eyes of Peter King, the immortal Carnell Lake was supposedly "better" than these guys in 1997. Ugh.

Look, the 2008 MVP race has been over for some time. If any moron yutz agrees with the sports world's resident dunce at SI, the powers that be need to seriously consider taking the right to vote for the MVP away from them. Seriously, this award is for the NFL's best player. Spare me the crap about "most valuable to their team." This award is for the best player in the NFL. The one that has the most impact on the NFL. When this guy steps on the field, he changes the game itself. That is the MVP.

The NFL has an offensive and defensive player of the year award for the "Carnell Lakes" of this league. In typical Peter King fashion, he is confusing "best player on offense-defense" with "League's Best Player, Period."

But, because there are still some people out there who are morons, here is why these supposed "candidates" are not in the same stratosphere as Peyton Manning when it comes to the MVP award:

Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings: I agree with shake n bake. Peterson doesn't even belong in the Pro Bowl, let alone the MVP discussion. Yes, we are serious when we say this. Why? The man has 8 fumbles on the season. 8 FRIGGIN FUMBLES! I don't care if the guy can fly. 8 fumbles by any running back totally and completely disqualifies them from MVP discussion. That's like inviting a QB to the Pro Bowl even though he's thrown more INTs than TDs. Against the Falcons, in a must win for the Vikings, Peterson fumbled the ball twice on two very big drives. They were absolute killers. They may cost Minnesota a playoff bid. To compare this to another RB who was notorious for putting the ball on the turf, former Rams player Cleveland Gary once had 9 fumbles in a season. Peterson may tie him for that, and then (next year) shoot for Gary's single-season "gem" of 12 fumbles. Peterson is a fumble machine, and anyone who votes for Peterson is a clueless yutz and does not understand football.

Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Steelers: The fact that this guy is on several voters' radar is an insult to fans everywhere. Ben has only thrown for 17 TDs, completed less than 60% of his passes, and has taken 46 sacks. He has also fumbled the ball 14 times, and lost 7 of those 14. Oh, and he's thrown 14 picks. So, to recap, that is 17 TDs and 21 turnovers. Ben has had some great games this year, but those numbers are anemic. Anyone who votes for Roethlisberger is a clueless yutz and does not understand football. Or, their name is Merrill Hoge.

Matt Ryan, QB, Falcons: Ryan is the only serious alternative to Peyton, but the plain and simple fact is he is a rookie and is not a better QB or player than Peyton is. Yes, he has helped get the Faclons get into the playoffs after they languished through a 4-12 season the year before and had to deal with the fallout of the Michael Vick scandal. But equally important to Atlanta's revival is RB Michael Turner, and I don't see his name on any MVP multiple choice cards. Then, there are Ryan's numbers, which are not as good as Peyton's. Ryan has thrown only 15 TDs. The last serious MVP candidate who was a QB to throw only 15 TDs was probably some guy who played in the 1940s. The bottom line here is if you vote for Matt Ryan for MVP, you are saying he is a better QB and a better player than Peyton Manning right now. And if you really do think that, you are a clueless yutz and do not understand football.

James Harrison, LB, Steelers: There is a reason they have a Defensive Player of the Year award. How many LBers have we seen come out of Pittsburgh that played with the same level of impact as Harrison has this year? Lloyd, Green, Porter are some names to come to mind. Were they legit MVP candidates back in their day? No. Neither is Harrison now. Harrison isn't even the most important defensive player on his own team. DT Casey Hampton and SS Troy Polamalu trump him there. Harrison is the DPoY, no doubt. He's got 17 sacks and 7 forced fumbles. But only a clueless yutz and who does not understand football would vote for him as an MVP candidate.

Chad Pennington, QB, Dolphins: Pennington is the reason the NFL has a "Comeback Player of the Year" award. He has guided the once 1-15 Dolphins to the brink of winning the AFC East this year. It's funny because the reason everyone thinks Chad is a legit MVP candidate is because he doesn't turn the football over. He has thrown only thrown 7 INTs, fumbled twice, and lost none of those fumbles. So, if the lack of turnovers is the criteria these people are using WTF ARE PETERSON AND ROELISBERGER DOING ON THEIR LIST! Pennington has had a great season, but we don't even know yet if his team will make the playoffs, and the MVP has to be in the playoffs. Also, if you vote for Chad Pennington, you are saying he is a better QB and player than Peyton Manning. And if you think that, see Matt Ryan for a description on how you are clueless. I also call you a yutz.

Totally absent from the MVP radar are Kurt Warner and Brett Favre. This is why MVPs are handed out at the end of the regular season and not after Week 12.

Look, the 2008 MVP final vote tally should be unanimous. If it isn't, then someone putz is being "cute" with his vote, like Peter King was in 1997. This year, the best player in the regular season has been Peyton Manning. Even when Indy started 3-4 and he was playing on one leg behind a patchwork o-line, Peyton orchestrated some brilliant come from behind victories against the Vikings in Minnesota and the Texans in Houston. He also shredded Baltimore's defense for 271 yards and 3 TDs with no turnovers in Week 6. So, it is not like he has been playing well only during this 8 game winning streak.

The MVP is Peyton. It's always been Peyton.