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Shakedown Championship Week

The Stampede Blue league is done, but the Shakedown has one week left.

Matic (Pat Beach 4 President) will face ttmemphis  (Memphis Red Dogs) for the title.

I (The Inflamed Bursa Sacs) will play dothemathis98 (48 Layers of Kevlar) for 3rd

5th goes to furrycolt (Tom Brady's Bastard Children)*

6th is jdb (Fighting for Last)*

Jakethesnake (Philadelphia Ninja Hands) plays Aerostar193 (Hart Attack) for the consultation bracket title/7th place game

Torontocoltsfan (Moorehead Softhands Corp) vs Slash196 (Marlin Bob Antoine Kelven-Heavy Hitters) for 9th place

11th to Markfive05 (Gotta Have Hart) who has the excuse that he lost Hart early in the season.

12th goes to Beckmania's Vanderjerks*,  maybe naming your team after the most hated Colt in recent memory is bad luck


Jump for me whining about my loss

So the league has 1 RB 2 WR and a flex.

My four RBs with their week 16 scores

Ryan Grant 14.1

Sammy Morris 13.3

Bryan Westbrook 11.6

Jerious Norwood 8.1

My 6 WRs with their week 16 scores

Santonio Holmes 15.3

Donald Driver 7.3

Anthony Gonzalez 3.8

Lee Evans  2.9

Andre Johnson 1.9

Steve Breaston 0.6

Guess whitch 4 I started


Westbrook, Evans, Johnson, Breaston

The thing that pisses me off is that besides putting Breaston in the flex (which was dumb, but didn't lose me the game by itself) the rest were easy, easy, no doubt choices.

Only way I could have been wronger was to sit Shaun Hill for Trent Edwards and Westbrook for Norwood.