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Stampede Blue's Christmas Eve Edition

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Hope everyone is getting set for a fun and enjoyable Christmas, or perhaps you are currently enjoy Chanukaha, or getting ready for Kwanzaa, or just kicking back with a brew and enjoying the fact you get a day off even though you don't buy into all this holiday stuff.

Whatever you are planning, we at Stampede Blue hope it is fun. I spent last night wrapping more gifts and buying more holiday stuff for the place. We have a one bedroom apartment, so big decorations are not our thing: Small tree, a few lights, and some spiked egg nog. It's all good, now. All good. And what would make it even better is the return of the Stampede Blue Bullets:

  • PFW's Dan Parr is now saying Peyton Manning is the 2007 NFL MVP. Having Peterson on the list right behind Manning is a joke, though. 8 fumbles, folks. The only other person who should get an MVP vote is Falcons QB Matt Ryan, and that should come from the Atlanta beat writer.
  • Yes, yes, yes. The Titans are a collective team of jerks led by a big, pulsating jack ass of a head coach. We know, America. We know. We play them every year, twice. We know. The towel stomping was immature; the kind of thing you'd expect from some dumb rookie, not a 9 year veteran at LBer. But I think worse than the towel stomping is the pathetic and cowardly backtracking after the fact. Yes Keith, you did mean to disrespect the Steelers organization, their fans, and their players when you decided to wipe your feet on their symbol of team pride. Saying you didn't makes you look like an even bigger putz. I mean, if you are going to do something stupid like that, the only way to respond after the fact is to man up and own the action, not run and hide like a scared little boy.
  • Jeff Fisher condoning Keith Bulluck's and LenDale White's stupidity means Fisher is just as big a douchebag as they are. Of course, the next day he plays both ends of the issue by calling the White's and Bulluck's actions "unnecessary." Again, total douche. Lost a lot of respect for Fisher, so much so that he no longer holds the title of NFL Ron Jeremy Look Alike. Mr. Jeremy is known among society as a short, ugly little man with a giant dingus. Jeff Fisher is just short and ugly, because no one with a big dingus would endorse the childish antics of the Titans this past Sunday. 
  • Interesting article; totally and completely wrong, but interesting none the less. Would Marvin's numbers be down if Peyton Manning were not his QB? Yes. Would he stil have a better career than, say, Keyshawn Johnson? Yes. "Key" was a bust as a player because he was slow and lazy. Marvin has always been known as a hard worker, and he is still very fast at age 36. 
  • Even Bob Kravitz thinks resting starters is smart. I feel dirty.
  • More fallout from last week's Jags game from PFW:
    Poor tackling plagued Indianapolis throughout its come-from-behind victory over the Jaguars Thursday night, with defensive linemen, linebackers and defensive backs all guilty of failing to wrap up. The secondary looms as perhaps the biggest question mark on the defensive side of the ball. Keiwan Ratliff’s game-winning interception return for a touchdown masked the unit’s deficiencies against a listless Jaguars passing attack that looked exceptional. Tim Jennings, in particular, was picked on routinely. His lack of spatial awareness and instincts could hamper Indy in the postseason. Prior to the Jags, the Colts’ last three opponents’ all ranked among the league’s worst passing offenses, with the secondary’s last real test coming in Week 12 vs. the Chargers.
  • Peter King thinks the Colts should push hard to sign T.J. Houshmandzadeh in the off-season. T.J. is 31 years old. Explain to me why Indy would dumb a butt load of money on another 30-plus year old WR when they already have Reggie Wayne, Gonzo, and Dallas Clark? Besides, I think Cincy will franchise him. Tip to AussieColtsFan.
  • Clint Session has been the biggest surprise this year. I thought this kid would become Gilbert Gardner Jr. at SAM, but he has really brought it each and every week. Oh, and guess who cheered the loudest and told us that we'd gotten a "steal" last year when Indy selected Session? Terry. He's a big Pitt football guy, and raved about Session on draft day.
  • Big Bill answers more questions.
  • And finally, give some holiday love in the comments to Stampede Blue contributors shake n bake, mgrex03, JakeTheSnake, and part-time editor MasterRWayne. While you are at it, send a shout out to Trei Brundrett, Michael Lovitt, Pablo Mercado, Ryan Gantz. They are the creative and support tech team that made this beautiful SB Nation platform we work off of. They also maintain it. Happy holidays to all of you, gentlemen. 

Hope your spiked egg nog (or whatever it is you are drinking) tastes just as good as mine. Have a happy and safe holiday.

Oh, and before I get too drunk to stand, GO COLTS!

[UPDATE]: And for the ladies out there: