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Oh yeah, Picks

Week 1: 10-6, Week 2: 10-5, Week 3: 11-5, Week 4: 6-7, Week 5: 9-5  Week 6: 9-5, Week 7: 12-2, Week 8: 8-6, Week 910-4, Week 10: 12-2, Week 11: 11-4-1, Week 12: 10-6, Week 13: 11-5,  Week 14: 11-5, Week 15: 9-7, Week 16: 8-8

Total 157-82-1 (65.7%)  ATS 125-115 (52.1%)

Tied for 4th on Mgrex03's list of experts.

Falcons over Rams, the Rams are closer to the Lions than the rest of the awful teams this year.

Pats over Bills as much as I hate him and them I doubt a Belichick team would lay down and blow it's shot at the playoffs.

Bengals over Chiefs, better than the Lions and Rams, worse than everyone else. Just took the favorite because I have no idea who will decide to suck less.

Bears over Texans, and the Texans blew the late season run at respectability. Losing to the Raiders is almost as sad as being the Raiders.

Vikings over Giants, by the line I'm guessing the Giants are resting players.

Panthers over Saints, over/under on Brees picks as the Saints go all out to get Brees the yardage record.

Steelers over Browns, The Ken Dorsey show makes it's last go-round

Bucs over Raiders, Bucs are still in playoff contention after slimming down their chances last week.

Colts over Titans, went 11-4 picking the Colts so far, even Jim Sorgi can't scare me off that record.

Packers over Lions, If the Lions can stick around within a score until the closing minutes they will avoid 0-16 when the Packers D collapses on the final drive let again.

Ravens over Jags, Win and in for the Ravens. I doubt the Jacksonville Dumpster Fires will get up for a game not against the Colts while out of playoff contention.

Cardinals over Seahawks, after two weeks of practice the Cards look ready to get steamrolled in the first round playoffs.

Redskins over Niners, the Niners rise to mediocraty has gotten Mike Singltary the HC job, while the Redskins tanking has the Zorn Star in hot water.

Dolphins over Jets, Pennington sticks it to the team that dumped him for the inferior Brett Favre.

Eagles over Cowboys, I would say it's just hate here, but both FO and Advanced NFL Stats rank the Eagles 11+ spots higher than the Cowboys.

Chargers over Broncos, I'll side with FO, Advanced NFL Stats and Vegas on this one.