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Week Seventeen: Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts- Open Thread


Week Seventeen: Tennessee Titans (13-2) at Indianapolis Colts (11-4)
Location: Lucas Oil Stadium- Indianapolis, IN
Kick-off Time: 1:00pm Eastern
Broadcast: CBSSB Nation Co-Blog: Music City Miracles

Well, after sweating out the long weeks in August covering Training Camp; after dealing with Peyton's, Bob's, Joseph's, and a score of other injuries; after seeing virtually our entire starting DT tandem up and quit on the team; after seeing a botched trade for John McCargo; after seeing a 3-4 start turn into a great win streak, here we are once again playing the Titans at home in a meaningless game.

So much change. So much remains the same.

Out for this game are Bob Sanders, Gary Brackett, and likely Dominic Rhodes. Freddie Keiaho, Keyunta Dawson, and Joseph Addai also might sit. This game will likely feature a lot of Jim Sorgi and Vince Young, the back-up QBs. Both teams want to keep "momentum" going, but both teams also are not dumb. They cannot afford to lose key players going into the playoffs, and right now these two teams are the two hottest in the AFC.

Again, for those that think the over-rated NFC East is the best division in football, get your head examined. AFC South is where the best team play. We eat Cowboys and Redskins for breakfast.

Quick note: Today is the 50th anniversary of the 1958 NFL Championship Game between the New York Football Giants and the Baltimore Colts. Head over to our Giants and Ravens blogs to chat and include them in the celebration. And yes, be nice. We have no ill will wished on Baltimore, the city. That game changed sports for Baltimore. Like us prior to 2006, that city had never experienced a championship until that 1958 game. They deserve some recognition along with Giants fans.


Even though the big guns will likely not play much in this game, we hope for a good, clean contest. I'm a bit sad the 2008 regular season is ending today. This has been a unique year, but a damn fine one for NFL fans.

Go Colts!