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Who to root for (week 14)

4 games left and the Colts are sitting in the top wildcard spot, but a little breathing room for Indy and a little sweat from the Titans fans would be great.

Browns over Titans, The Browns aren't a great team, but can surprise a great team as the Giants and Colts found out. Unfortunately Robert Mathis may have sealed the AFC South for the Titans with his second sack on Derek Anderson which tore the QB's MCL. Ken Dorsey will start for the Browns backed up by the newly signed Bruce Gradkowski

Bills over Dolphins, The Bill are alive in the playoff race, but just barely. The Fins are the leading candidate to knock the Colts out of the wildcard since it's still possible for them to win the tiebreaker over the Colts (unlike the Pats).

Jets over Niners, The Jets would lose on tiebreakers to the Colts right now if they were knocked off the top of their division, but they are closer than anyone to reversing the tiebreaker on the Colts.

Seahawks over Patriots. With a Colts win would knock the Patriots 2.5 games with 3 to play.

Redskins over Ravens. NO!, we get to play the Broncos, NOT YOU BALTIMORE.