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18 to 88 slaps around Cold Hard Football Facts

Recently, CHFF came out and said that Dolphins QB Chad Pennington should win the 2008 NFL MVP over Peyton Manning. This despite the fact Manning's team has a better record, Manning had better stats than Pennington, and Peyton Manning is clearly a better quarterback than Chad Pennington. Rather than launch into yet another beatdown of this Patriots fan site in sheep's clothing, I think it is better to just sit back and let the DeShawn Zombie feast on these fools for a bit:

[CHFF] say the Colts are a wild card team that scored a 'mediocre 377 points'.  Good lord.  THEY WON MORE GAMES THAN THE DOLPHINS DID.  THEY SCORED MORE POINTS THAN THE DOLPHINS DID.  If team A wins 12 games, and scores two points a game more than than team B with the next to worst running game in football, how can you possibly say that the QB from team B was better when he only won 11 games with the 11th best running game.

Well, as we've long said, facts never drive the drivel that comes out of CHFF. They basically take an idea and develop selective facts to help support that idea (rather than looking at the facts first BEFORE developing the idea). The recent Pennington love stems from his team beating the NY Jets in a nationally televised game. Fickle media assheads who spend about as much time watching actual football games as I do watching synchronized swimming love crap like that. They see Pennington return to NY, beat the Jets, and think "Wow, what a great story." This somehow translates into Pennington being the league's best player.

Morons, all of them.

CHFF once again falls prey to hype over substance. Ah, the irony. But,  Deshawn does not stop there:

They claim Manning didn't 'spark his team to an improvement'.  The award isn't for what player 'improved' his team the most, it's for which player was most valuable.  The Dolphins got an awful lot of mileage out of an offensive set where Pennington wasn't even taking the snaps.  It's hard to argue that guy was really that important as a QB when the team doesn't even use him every play.

Deshawn is referring to the "Wildcat" formation used by the Dolphins; a set that has the RB act as the QB and run plays from that position. Again, when you look at the real facts, the whole "Pennington for MVP" nonsense starts looking more and more like hype. And the MVP award is not a hype award. It is for the league's best player, because the best player is the most valuable.

Again, Chad Pennington is best served getting "Most Improved Player," or the like. All the things that make an MVP what he is (stats, wins, value to the team, efficiency) all favor Manning. And if guiding a team to a 10 win turnaround is the standard for winning an MVP, then Peyton should have won it in 1999 when he too guided the Colts to a ten win turnaround.

Bottom line, if people vote for Chad Pennington for MVP, they are morons who do not understand football. They are saying Chad Pennington is a better player and a better QB than Peyton Manning. If they truly believe that, then it reinforces my belief that thes voters do not watch football.