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Stampede Blue: Happy New Year Edition

On behalf of myself, shake n bake, MasterRWayne, JakeTheSnake, and mgrex03, hope you get very drunk and sh*tfaced this New Year's Eve and that you have a very prosperous and happy New Year!

Per New Year's tradition, we give some thanks for things that happened in the old year, and look forward to new and exciting times as 2009 unfolds. Some thoughts and memories from 2008:

  • Thanks to Tony Dungy, the only coach in the entire NFL (other than maybe Bill Belichick) who could have weathered the injury-riddled and distraction-heavy storm that was the 2008 regular season.
  • Thanks to Bill Polian, who continues to find new and creative ways to improve the Colts roster.
  • Thanks to Peyton Manning, who simply refused to let the Colts lose in 2008.
  • Thanks to Marvin Harrison, who despite unfair media treatment, injuries to himself, injuries to his QB, and his o-line never gave up on a route, never called out a teammate to the press, and never made excuses for anything.
  • Thanks to Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis for killing the opponent's QB.
  • Thanks to Ron Meeks and John Teerlick for continuing to coach and coach and coach until this defense started looking like a real professional football squad again (#8 scoring defense in football).
  • Thanks to Adam Vinatieri for making big kicks all year and getting into the best shape of his life this past off-season.
  • Thanks to Marcus Howard, Tom Santi, Gijon Robinson, Chad Simpson, Lance Ball, Mike Pollak, and Steve Justice for starting to develop into solid young players.
  • Thanks to Jim Irsay for Lucas Oil Stadium and the grace to stay out of the headlines and let his football people make the football decisions.
  • And most importantly, thanks to SB Nation for another great year of blogging. All us writers very much appreciate this new platform we get to work in. 

Feel free to post your New Year's memories and thoughts in the comments. Happy New Year, and Go Colts!


Peace on earth, and Happy New Year!