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Shake's Pro Bowl Ballot: Runningbacks


AFC RBs (3)

Easy Picks: Thomas Jones, Chris Johnson, Steve Slaton

Rushing yards, yards per carry and DYAR all agree on the AFC's top 3 backs. Jones leads the AFC in yardage by over 100 yards with 11 TDs to go with it. Top RB in the AFC in DYAR and DVOA. In a distant 2nd and 3rd are the rookie speed backs, both with over 900 yards on more than 4.7 a carry and at least 7 TDs.

But, but, but...: LaDainian Tomlinson

If you are going to average under 4 yards per carry you can't go to the Pro Bowl over guys who got more yards on less carries. Tomlinson leads in AFC in carries, but has only 885 yards and 7 TDs to show for it.



Easy Picks: Clinton Portis, Brandon Jacobs

The top two backs by both DVOA and DYAR. Both averaging over 4.8 per carry while consistantly gaining yards (over 50% success rates)

Deserving, but not getting my vote: Adrian "Purple Jesus" Peterson. Leads the AFC in yards and is gaining 4.9 per carry. But he's still a boom or bust back (20th in success rate, behind both Addai and Rhodes) and has fumbled 4 times. Despite the flaws DYAR recognizes the greatness, but not quite as much as the 3 NFC backs ahead of him.

3rd Back: DeAngelo Williams.

Williams has finally broken out into the back he was expected to be when he was drafted ahead of Joseph Addai, Maurice Jones Drew, Jerious Norwood and Leon Washington. He gets the nod over Peterson because of his edge in YPC, DYAR, DVOA, recieving and having zero fumbles to Peterson's 4.

But, but, but...  Micheal Turner, Matt Forte

Turner has racked up a pile of yards and 13 TDs, but only because he leads the league in carries. He's getting a mediocre 4.3 per carry while being inconsistant (16th in success rate). Forte is the same story with less TDs and more inconsistancy (29th in success rate of 41 backs)