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Week 15 Rooting Guide

The Colts are still sitting pretty for the 5 spot, but a clinch would be nice.


Raiders-Patriots, Niners-Dolphins, Jets-Bills,   Two schools of thought here. The Pats or both the Jets and Fins losing would clinch a playoff spot if the Colts won, but if the either the Dolphins win out or the Pats win out and the Jets don't or the Jets win out and the Broncos don't then the Colts get the seemingly week Broncos in round one. I fall under the first category. I'd rather have have the Colts become a lock for the playoffs than have a higher chance of a matchyp that gives the Colts a slightly higher chance of advancing if they get to the playoffs.

Ravens over Steelers    Wooooo contridicting myself. An at Steelers matchup in January on that awful awful field would suck. Go Ravens.

Panthers over Broncos, We want those inconsistant, not that good on average Denver Broncos in the first round.