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Shakedown League Update

The 5 seed was taken by the Memphis Red Dogs and slash196's team continued it's too late hot streak. More importantly we have our results for the best team name poll.

  1. The Inflamed Bursa Sacs, Shake (28) Honestly I'm surprised. I didn't even vote for me.
  2. Tom Brady's Bastard Children, furrycolt (24)  Nearly got my vote
  3. Moorehead Soft Hands Corp, torontocoltsfan (14) A bit of a consolation prize for the last ranked team in the league.
  4. Philadelphia Ninja Hands, Jakethesnake (6)  I liked it, but it wasn't even my favorite Marvin Harrison shooting incident reference.
  5. 48 Layers of Kevlar, dothemathis98 (5)I really like subtle references. Got my vote.
  6.  Tie, Marlin Bob Antonie Kelvin - Heavy Hitters, slash196 (4) lost points with me just for the awkwardness of writing it in the updates.  Hart Attack, Aerostar193 (4) didn't have much of a chance with both the Pro-Mike Hart vote split and Hart blowing out his knee just as he got his shot to shine.
  8. Gotta Have Hart, Markfive05 (3)
  9. Pat Beach 4 President, Matic (2) This one crossed from subtle into obscure. A tight end that left the Colts 17 year ago and never topped 400 yards in a season?
  10. Tie  Vanderjerks, beckmania, Memphis Red Dogs, ttmemphis (1) I'll spare both owners the embarrassment and not look up whether it was them that voted for themselves.
  12. Fighting For Last, jbd (0) Maybe this is what he was talking about. Creepy.

Here's your playoff brackets





Good luck to all, but less to jbd's derelict FIghting for Last.