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Yo Peyt! What's with the goat?

If you have NFL Network, I hate you. Because I don't, and I hate everyone who has cooler stuff than me. Also, if you have NFL Network, you noticed last night (because, of course, you were watching NFL Network) that someone taped a dead rat to Peyton Manning's face as he made a guest appearance on NFL Total Access with Rich "Send me your bikini pics" Eisen, Marshall Faulk, and Terrell Davis. That's the only reason I can give for that hairy growth protruding from his mug, because it certainly is not facial hair. Hell, I can grow more facial hair than that, and my balls aren't half as big as Peyton's. And unlike Peyton's, mine aren't made of brass.

What the hell is that! Facial hair, or a dead rodent resting on Peyton's face?