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2008 NFL Pro Bowl- Open Thread


Peyton Manning starts at QB. Joseph Addai starts at RB; Reggie Wayne at WR. Not long ago, the "Triplets" were Peyton, Marvin, and Edge. Noted notables, like Mike Wilbon, once said the Triplets were over-rated and Marvin was the best of all of them. While we wish Mike speedy recovery from his recent heart attack, we continue to maintain he is a complete dumb ass and knows nothing about the subject (sports) for which he is a supposed "expert" on. I will pay him this one compliment: He is not Kornhesier stupid.

Antoine Bethea is also displaying his skills at safety. For a funny Manning Pro Bowl video (tip to Jake), click here.

Here's to a good clean game with no injuries for anyone. It's the Pro Bowl. Just have fun. This is an open thread.