Free Agents We Won't Sign, But Would Be Cool

I put almost 2 hours into this thing and it didn't quite come out how I wanted to. If you notice any errors (which probably are present) make sure to correct me as is Stampede Blue tradition.

Free Agents that if signed, would make a splash:

Julius Jones, RB: After averaging only 3.5 yards a carry sharing time with Marion Barber, he's looking to get out as fast as he can. A Notre Dame graduate, he's fast but not very agile or strong. With our line though, or even a pass into the backfield from Peyton, the endzone is never too far away.

Derrick Ward, RB: Strong and big runner, he averaged 4.8 yards a carry as a backup but is not necessarily needed in New York after his injury and Ahmad Bradshaw's talent being seen.

Justin Fargas, RB: Great runner but at 28, just now came of age. He's a tough runner which led to his most recent injury, but with his head first style of running and Addai's bunny hopping that has been occuring lately, the two could form a good tandem.

Bernard Berrian, WR: The fastest player on the Bears besides Hester, he's been amazing considering the quarterback play that has been going on in Chicago. At 6'1 he could be a great slot receiver and a mixture between Wayne and Harrison.

Randy Moss, WR: Does he want cash or a ring? He most likely won't be able to achieve both. He's almost certainly going to be Franchise Tagged, but how great would it be if Peyton broke the TD record with Moss, Marvin, and Wayne this coming season? We would have to do some major cap room adjustments to sign him, but one can imagine the capability of the Colts offense with him. We would be playing consensual horseplay with all defenses in the league.

Derek Anderson, QB: Flashed in some games, looked pitiful in others. He's looking for a huge contract that he won't get. After a 3,787 yard and 29-19 TD to INT ration season, it would be nice to develop him to someday take over the Colts offense. He's a little too old for that, but it would be interesting. He also has some speed on him that helps when the pocket breaks down.

Albert Haynesworth, DT: He is going to be franchise tagged, he's in his prime, and I would buy his jersey right away if we signed him. Yeah he has character issues, but with Freeney, Mathis, and him, our defensive line could reach that of legendary status.

Jared Allen, DE: He's huge, fast, and strong, and knows how to operate in a 4-3 as a disciple of Herm Edwards. Another francise tag nominee, he led the league in sacks with 15.5 without another real dominant player on the Chief's defense.

Terrel Suggs, DE: Franchise Tag is going to come soon from the Ravens front office, but he has shown how valuable he is. This year his production dropped off with only 5 sacks, but last year he got the quarterback 10 times.

Lance Briggs, LB: Another 4-3 player, he's due for a big contract. Almost guaranteed to leave a month ago, with Urlacher's surgery, he might stay with the Bears. Our linebacking corps would get a major upgrade with him there. He does have some character questions after his Lambo incident and he pulled himself out of the Pro Bowl due to a mystery injury.

Asante Samuel, CB: I hate to say it, but I actually like this Patriot a lot. He's always aware of what's going on. With both Moss and Samuel up for contracts, I find it highly unlikely that both are back. He can't be franchise tagged and he's looking for a big contract so he will be the most likely to leave, although the game winning interception he dropped in the Super Bowl might have cost him a couple cool million.

Marcus Trufant, CB: He had a good year this year and he's looking to cash in, supposedly for more than what Nate Clement's received. He had 7 interceptions this season with 150 yards off of those and one touchdown. With 15 pass deflections, it's no doubt he's a great player.

So those are the ones that if we sign will be all over ESPN for a week, until Tom Brady fathers another child. I'm going to post a 2nd diary for those free agents that I could see the Colts having interest in.

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