Free Agents That Would Help, Offense

I know, Polian and Dungy don't go into free agency, but this year I think it might be different in order to gain more depth. Even with that belief I'm not saying that we will sign a single one of these players, but these are ones fit roles we need.

Wide Receivers:

Bryant Johnson: He's been told he's not going to get re-signed because of the cap problem in Arizona. He's 6'3 and he's young. He's got okay return skills because of his speed. He would make a great fit into our offense.

Andre' Davis: Amazing returner who revitalized his career this year by stepping up when required because of injuries. The Texans are trying to keep him, but it's not a guarantee.

Jerome Mathis: Another player from the Texans, he's shown poor receiving skills, but returning is his specialty. He might have problems with injuries.

Devery Henderson: I cannot tell you how much I was amazed by him two years ago, but this season, he seemed to have lost his connection with his hand eye coordination. He's fast and young, like many receivers, and will come cheap because of this season's hand problems. I think the Colts could straighten him out, and make him one of the deepest threats in the league.

Jabar Gaffney: The only Patriot wide receiver around this year that witnessed the meltdown the Patriots had in the dome, he was always peaking in games at the right time. His touchdown catch in the Ravens game and another touchdown catch from the play dubbed the flea flicker fumble were two of the most exciting plays I saw all season.

D.J. Hackett: He had great back to back games in weeks 10 and 11 when he got significant playing time due to Deion Branch's injury, though he developed some injuries of his own.

Nate Washington: He's a fast, good returner, and he's consistent at being an average receiver. Not much more to say.

Justin Gage: He huge! He really reminds me of Brandon Marshall's playing style and had a great season for being on the Titan's offense this season. He has tons of unused potential that the Colts could definetly harness this coming season.

Running Backs:

Tatum Bell: He's quick and would make a great 2nd stringer. He rushed for over a 1,000 yards with Denver, but then again who doesn't as long as you don't sit out with knee and marijuana issues?

Aaron Stecker: He's old, but he runs physically. Pretty much a Kenton Keith, but with better hands.

Chris Brown: He can run it. He was a great backup for Lendale White, but he got injured last season. Despite all this he averaged a healthy 4.6 YPC.

Mewelde Moore: Triple threat. Good runner, good receiver, and good returner. He would have a roster spot guaranteed with Minnesota, but (if it's possible) they have way too much depth at this position. He's averaged 5.8, 4.3, 5.5, and 5.7 YPC in the four seasons that he's played.


Charlie Frye: I honestly almost didn't want to put him on here, but it makes sense. Sorgi just ain't going to cut it. Frye shows poor decision making at times, and he was just traded to the Seahawks where he picked up a West Coast offense. He would be good as a backup, and according to Holmgreen, he picks up on new offenses fast.

Okay, well I'm going to put the defensive players I have listed on another diary to chop them up into manageable pieces.

P.S. I purposely didn't include offensive linemen because I don't think there has been an instance in which recently we haven't drafted them, and we can usually fit any linemen into our system.

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