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Mike Vrabel is a dick, and he thinks you are stupid

Members of the New England Patriots were noticeably booed by 53,000 fans when introduced at the Pro Bowl this past Sunday. Since we can assume that Hawaiians are not closet Colts fans, we can gather that pretty much everyone in America, including those that live on an island paradise, think the Patriots are a bunch of classless pricks.

Vince Wolfork, a player fined four times this past season for dirty play, couldn't quite figure out why fans in Hawaii think his team is full of scum wads.

"I don't know what that [booing] was all about," said Wilfork, who assisted on one tackle in the AFC's 42-30 loss.

"Everybody hates you when you're on top. We talked about it and we thought it was kind of funny. But we have haters everywhere we go. Even in Hawaii people hate us."

Ah yes, a bright boy that Vince Wolfork. I guess it would be cruel to remind Vince that the Patriots aren't on top. The Giants, the team that physically beat up the Patriots on their way to a Super Bowl win, are the ones on top. The Pats haven't been on top since 2004, and blown fourth quarter leads in the playoffs the last two years.

Matt Light seemed to take offense to the boos:

"I'm not sure this is the kind of place for boos."
Hahahaha. A funny one, that Matt Light. MasterRWayne, insert Purdue University grad joke here. A stadium with 53,000 watching a game; oh course it was the complete wrong setting for boos. It's like booing at a funeral, a wedding, or at the birth of your kid.  

Ah, but neither Matt Light nor Vince Wolfork are the Mr. Sunshine of this rough-and-tumble Pats group. That honor falls to Mike Vrabel. Apparently, in Mike's eyes, the media are the ones to blame for America hating them:

Vrabel, who had four tackles despite a Pro Bowl rule against blitzing, blamed the media for the reception.

"What's written about and talked about on TV, that's the only way the fans can formulate an opinion," he said.

Gee, thanks Mike. While you're down there getting "serviced" by Eli Manning and the Giants offense, you can lick my ass and suck on my boys. For those of us who watched TV from September to February, all we saw was wall-to-wall Pats ball-washing. If Christ had returned from the dead again, he'd have had a hard time getting media coverage, because EVERYBODY was  busy worshiping the Patriots.  

We don't need TV to tell us you and your team a collection of dicks. Your words and your actions do a fine enough job transmitting that signal. Between the cheating, the HGH use, running up scores, and playing dirty football, I think we all have a pretty solid opinion about what kind of team resides in New England. We don't need friggin' ESPN to tell us.

BTW: When Osi Umenyiora, the lone NY Giants rep at the Pro Bowl, took the field, he was cheered. Let's see, one Giant and thirteen Cowboys played in the Pro Bowl. Do we need any more proof that the Pro Bowl has a douche bag All-Star selection system?

And do we need the TV to tell us that Mike Vrabel and the Patriots are a bunch of classless punks? No, they do a fine enough job telling us directly.