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Whenever I write about the Patriots

Folks, it's important to understand that Patriots fans just don't like us, and don't like me in particular. What's funny about that is I have many close, personal friends who are die-hard Pats fans. Sometimes they read this blog and call me saying. Man, I hate your guts right now! How dare you say bad things about the greatest team ever created. We then laugh about it all, and make side bets on who has a better record next year. For the longest time, I had a bet with a friend where the loser bought a year's subscription to SI for the winner.

That said, whenever I write something negative about the Patriots, we are likely going to get hit by several Patriots fans or trolls. It's just how to goes on the net. Pats fans have a long history of net trolling. While we Hoosiers are out in the world working for a living, Boston fans are at home in their underwear, typing away about how Tom Brady is better than Peyton Manning.

Yes, of course I'm kidding. Calm down.

The point here is some people just like to get under your skin whenever I write something negative about the Pats. They hardly say a word when I write positive things, but the second I call the Pats out for what they are it's troll city. And the simple fact of the matter is there has been very little good to write about with New England, and Pats fans simply can't handle it. The Patriots are a cheating, HGH-using, classless bunch of punks who like to run up scores, pad stats, and do an awful lot of talking without backing it up on the field. That is just what they are, like it or not. The were booed at the Pro Bowl. That should tell even the most brain dead Pats fan that something smells in Foxboro. I guarantee you, if the Patriots had won the Super Bowl this site would have been assaulted by trolls.

Notice how, after they lost, we're heard not a peep from the Pats fans who frequented our site on a regular basis throughout the playoffs.

This is what rivalries are, folks. The Patriots and their fans hate us, and we hate them. But don't ever let it become personal. Whenever a football argument has become personal between a Pats fan and me, I walk away and usually never speak with that person again unless I have to. If someone here writes something that insults you personally, report them to me and they will get the heave-ho. I'm willing to tolerate other people's opinions. I do not tolerate assholery. I am the only one allowed to be a jerk here because I run the site. It's a perk.

So please, whenever you see me write negative things about the Patriots, expect the usual Pats fan backlash. One of the reason I've written so much about them of late is because they've been in the news so much, and much of that news has not been positive. I guarantee you, if the Colts were in a similar situation, Pats fans and Pats sites would be writing up a storm about our team, and it would be expected.