Raiders are expected to cut Dominic Rhodes

It's fairly obvious the Colts need another solid running back.  Not just any running back.  Someone who can compliment Addai's running style and present enough change to keep defenses on their heels.  I distinctly remember Dungy saying that the Colts would have liked to keep Dom but they couldn't afford him.  The way I see it, Dom would be very smart to want to return to the Colts.  I don't think that suspension he had, lack of playing time, and promise of a big paycheck as a non-feature back left a good taste in his mouth.  If he'd be willing to return, my god that would be tits.

The way I see it, he knows the offense like the back of his hand obviously.  He possesses that running style that is perfect for a two-back system with the Colts.  I mean, in 90% of our eyes, he was the MVP in Super Bowl 41.  I really, really really really think the Colts should seriously look to picking him up again.


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