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Colts news; shocking, I know

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On the heels of the latest cheating allegations from the Patriots and the dumb-as-a-post antics of former-future-HoF-pitcher Roger Clemens, we actually have some real, tangible, downright important Colts news to relay.

What? A Colts blog with Colts news? F THAT! Get back to the Pats cheating!

Sorry, but duty calls, and as important as it is to talk about the potential ramifications of the Patriots spying illegally on teams since 2000, it's also important to relay that Marvin Harrison, Bob Sanders, and Dwight Freeney will likely miss most or all of 2008's Training Camp as they recover from off-season surgery.

Yep, that serious folks.

Freeney and Sanders I understand. Dwight is still on the mend from foot surgery, and Bob had his shoulder worked on; a procedure to clean some things up rather than repair a ligament or anything like that. It's Marvin that bothers me. Polian has stated Marvin will be back 100% in September. Great, but pardon me if I'm skeptical. As much as I love Polian, he said Marvin would be back 100% by the playoffs.

He was wrong. Dead wrong. Cost-us-a-playoff-game wrong.

It is likely that all three will be back 100% in September, seeing as they will have had lots of time to heal. My worry is conditioning. Fatigue ended Marvin Harrison's day against the Chargers in January, and both Bob and Dwight rely on speed as much as Marvin. Training camp, and off-season training programs, are the places were rehab and conditioning meet. Since these three guys are missing those programs, I'm a little worried that they might not be REALLY ready until October. We'll wait and see; mostly wait.

One bit of potentially positive news is the Raiders are going to cut Dominic Rhodes (tip to KingRichard). Seems only logical that the Colts would take a look at ole Dom, and that Dom would do what Dom do and run the football Dom's way for Dom's new team, which was once Dom's old team: the Colts. Because that's how Dom rolls.