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2008 Rankings mean nothing... unless, of course...

The Colts are ranked number 1 in Pro Football Weekly's early rankings for 2008:

1. Indianapolis Colts (13-3; lost to the Chargers in the divisional round) -- I'm in the minority, but I don't think Tony Dungy coming back makes that big a difference. Between elite assistants like Ron Meeks (defensive coordinator), Jim Caldwell (associate head coach/quarterbacks), Tom Moore (offensive coordinator), Howard Mudd (OL coach) and Alan Williams (DB coach), the Colts have the best coaching staff in the league. It's a testament as much to the coaches as it is to the players that they weathered an insane onslaught of injuries to have the season they did. The Colts have precious little salary-cap room, but TE Dallas Clark is the only key cog not under contract, and there's no way the Colts won't find a way to bring him back. Extending SS Bob Sanders was huge.
Biggest strength: Quarterback.
Biggest concern: O-line depth. There's next to nobody behind the starting tackles, and their top three guards are free agents.
Breakout player: OLB Clint Session. Little, if any, drop-off when Freddie Keiaho was hurt.
The part about Indy having the best coaching staff in football is something I have never read anywhere. PFW's Matt Sohn is either a big Colts fan, or he knows more about football than just about every pundit in creation. I'm not sure I agree with him, but he makes a good point. Who is a better OC than Tom Moore? For the past three years, Ron Meeks has done an excellent job coaching the defense. Alan Williams will be a DC sometime soon, and Jim Caldwell should have been someone's HC two years ago. Notice how Russ Purnell was left off Sohn's list.