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Reliving Super Bowl XLI

Kelvin Hayden showing signs of the future
I started watching last year's Super Bowl a couple weeks ago, and finally got around to watching the last 3 quarters, which, as everyone here knows, was a complete domination by the Colts.  I was making notes as I watched it again, and here's what I wrote  (most of these are statistics related):
  • The Colts set an NFL record after the second quarter by scoring in all 14 quarters (at that point) in the playoffs.  They scored in each of the final 2 quarters to make it an even 16. Back to present day, this streak is still active and goes back to the third quarter of the Steelers game in '05.  That's 21 straight quarters with a score.  For the record, the Patriots had a streak of 19 straight quarters snapped in the first quarter of the SD game this year.

  • If you want an example of QB Rating not being a reasonable stat to go by, I have one for you:
    • Manning: 18/27, 198 yds 1 TD / 1 INT - Rating: 80.5
    • Grossman: 6/8, 32 yds 1TD / 0 INT - Rating: 120.1

    I don't think I really need to explain this one.

    Update [2008-2-18 7:55:23 by mgrex03]:These are first half numbers. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Phil Simms is very good at what he does.  Usually when I'm watching a game I either have Bob Lamey on via Sirius, or I'm so consumed in the game I don't pay any attention to what the announcers are saying.  On more than one occasion Simms talked about why a certain play worked, including both offensive and defensive movements that caused it. He also made it very easy to understand.

  • has a feature on its website where you can get the win probability at any point in a game.  It's pretty cool to look at throughout the season.  They came up with the 5 most important plays in Super Bowl XLI, based on Win Probability swing.  The #1 play was the INT returned for a touchdown by Kelvin Hayden, with a swing of 22%. This graph shows how the win probability swung throughout the game.

A programming note for those of you with NFL Network:  Thursday night they are showing the shortened replay of Super Bowl XLI, then the hour long "America's Game" on the Colts from last season, then a round table discussion with Dungy and 4 of his old assistants.  They also start their Combine coverage on Thursday as well.  I apologize to BBS and everyone else who doesn't have the NFL Network, as it is a great channel.