Compensatory picks/Mock Colts Draft

Does anyone know yet when we will know how many compensatory picks we will receive in this year's draft?  I believe the system has to do with free agent losses the previous season, am I correct?  I would say that should be at least 3 or 4 second day picks.

These are the players I would like to see drafted in order(I took the liberty of giving us 3 CPs, a 3, a 4, and a 6):

Rd 2.) Eric Felton, OG, Arkansas
Rd 3.) Matt Forte, RB, Tulane
Rd 3. compensatory) Peyton Hillis, FB, Arkansas(or Tamme below)
Rd. 4) Jacob Tamme, TE, Kentucky (if taken above, pick Jacob Hester, FB, LSU)
Rd. 4 compensatory) Jason Jones, DE, Eastern Michigan
Rd. 5) Jameel McClain, DE, Syracuse
Rd. 6) Mike Fladell OG/OT, Rutgers
Rd. 6 compensatory) Dominique Barber, S, Minnesota
Rd. 7) either Bo Ruud, OLB, Nebraska or Michael Marquardt, DT, Arizona State

A pretty balanced draft if you ask me.  I don't believe there are many reaches, and the picks are all plausible.  The players all fit the Colts system well as much as I can tell without watching tape on them all.  I based a lot of my expectations on's value board.  The only question is whether my compensatory picks are on target or not.

But then again, I could just be a big douche and this sucks.

But I think getting the first option in round 3 and taking the second option in round seven would be the most efficient choice, though the Colts might instead reach for Hester if they would think about going FB in round 3.  But adding Felton to the left side and either Hillis or Hester would up our running game substantially.  And Matt Forte is a well-rounded back to spell Addai.  I believe that Tamme is a Dallas Clark type of TE and we should keep him as insurance and get rid of Bryan Fletcher if we have to, this guy will really fit our system.  Oh, and Mike Fladell is a versatile lineman that could help else if Diem has issues again.

I've read a lot about Jason Jones being a beast, but I am not certain whether that is just the MAC or his actual skill.  He's rated in this range pretty consistently so I'll take it as that.  Jameel McClain has the Freeney stamp of approval(they are both former Orange players).  Dominique Barber might be taken as a Dungy homer pick, but might be picked because he has the one shiny star on a bottom dwelling Minnesota defense.  He is also the Cowboys' Marion Barber's younger brother, and if he brings his brothers physicality to the game, we might have a full-sized Bob Sanders in training.  I like Marquardt more than Ruud mainly for his academic success and apparent intelligence.  Sounds like a Dungy man to me.

So let me know what you think of this Mock Colts Draft.

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