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SB Nation's coverage of "Spygate" stinks

One of the revelations with "Spygate" is just how pathetic the established media has been at reporting on the issue and placing it in its proper context. For all the crowing we heard from blowhard idiots like Tom Curran, Sean Salisbury, and Peter King all throughout the season regarding the Pats' "greatness", we've seen next to nothing written about these latest allegations of cheating brought to light by Senator Arlen Specter. The people who have been writing up a storm about this, and have approached it from all possible angles, are... drum roll please... bloggers.

I've taken my shots at folks like Michael David Smith, Gregggggg Easterbrook, and Mike Florio, but on the Patriots' latest perils these guys have done a great job covering this story and articulating clearly what is at stake. What I haven't read (and yes, I am about to take a shot at my very own network) is much from our own SB Nation writers. Yes, I know the #1 obligation of every writer is to cover their team. I also realize there is a "wait and see" attitude from many, and perhaps my disappointment is there has been so much revealed that the whole "wait and see" stance doesn't cut it for me. These new allegations of cheating, dating back to 2000, affect the entire NFL, and every single team in it. Yet, I've seen very little from the SB Nation community written about this, and that is disappointing. Talented writers like TheSportsGuru, ChrisPokorny, Blitzburgh, Kirkendall, WCG, David Halprin, Skins Patrol, and Jimmy (just to name a few) have not covered this story with the same seriousness the story demands. I've done my best to write about it often because it is something I do not want to see go away. Even future HoFer Marshall Faulk thinks the NFL wants to bury this story, and that is something I absolutely refuse to accept.

I want to know who cheated. I wanted to know when, and how often. Then, when we know, I want them all punished harshly; this includes Roger Goodell if indeed he tried to cover something up.

Sadly, because I am a Colts blogger, the perception created is I just want to destroy the Patriots, the hated rivals of the Colts. It's a perception born out of the notion that I'm the one harping on this consistently, and since I'm the only one, I'm just a Colts fan wanting to see Belichick strung up and beaten with wooden sticks. Not true. If Belichick didn't do anything against the rules, I want to know that so I can rest assured that the 2003 and 2004 playoff losses were a result of the Patriots being better than the Colts and not a result of the Patriots cheating. I would think the Steelers fans would want the same, seeing as it has now been established that the Pats taped the Steelers in both the regular season game and the playoff game during the 2004 season.

Hopefully, more gets written about this by others in SB Nation. I don't like the idea that AOL Fanhouse has been all over this story while the rest of us have been, essentially, asleep on the job.