Players to watch at the combine-Saturday

Tight Ends and O-line today. These are all the players working out today that have been mentioned as Colts picks in various mock drafts.

Martellus Bennett
Fred Davis
Jacob Tamme

Branden Albert
Roy Schuening
Tony Hills
Robert Felton
Chilo Rachal
Heath Benedict
Eric Young
Drew Radovich
Chad Rinehart

If you don't have NFL Network (like I don't) you can watch the combine here:

I'd love to hear what you guys think of these prospects. I don't think O-line is a big need with Lilja and likely Gandy back, but the TEs are real interesting with both Utecht and Fletcher RFAs. Martellus Bennett, the 6'7" 250lb Tight End from Texas A&M is pretty interesting. He could fill both the blocking TE and big redzone target (6'7" with a 34 inch vertical today at the combine) roles for the Colts. He's an excellent blocker with good hands, but is a bit slow and needs work on his route running. He's kind of a super-size Utecht. On the negative side, he might not even last until the Colts 2nd round pick and I'm not sure if I want the Colts to use a second rounder to fill a role an undrafted guy is doing pretty well.

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