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I thought the Combine was, you know, a waste of time

It's kind of funny how people talk about the Combine as a waste of time; a generally an over-hyped affair with no real significance to anything (kind of like last night's Oscars). Yet, it seems this year there is more written about the Combine, and more tools to access info on the Combine, than ever before.

It's like when ever sports writer and blogger bemoaned the Pro Bowl, only to to have this year's Pro Bowl score HUGE in TV ratings despite not having Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Dwight Freeney, and a host of other Pro Bowl notables playing in he game. Hell, the Pro Bowl beat out the featured NBA game that Sunday, and I wouldn't be shocked in NFL Combine coverage cut ratings for other featured college and NBA games.

The point is despite our intentions, fans and readers will decided on their own what is worth their time. They don't need schmucks like me to tell them.