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Colts have interest in DE Travis LaBoy

For a change, it looks like the Colts are planning to poach a player from Tennessee, instead of the other way around. The Titans are an organization that has done a good job signing cast-offs from the Colts. David Thornton, Ben Hartstock, Nick Harper, and Corey Simon were all either released or not re-signed by the Colts only to be scooped up by the Titans.

Now, it looks like the Colts might set their sights on one of Tennessee's free agents defensive lineman:

Also, look for fellow Tennessee defensive end Travis Laboy to wind up back on the West Coast. Most likely in Oakland or Seattle, according to his agent. We hear the Indianapolis Colts are interested in LaBoy, as a hedge on Dwight Freeney's Lis Franc recovery which is progressing slowly. Problem is the Colts have little money to get it done unless they restructure some of the big deals they recently got done in the last year.
This is the first I've heard that Freeney is progressing "slowly." Most of the buzz I've heard is he is progressing fine considering the injury, and he is expected to start Week One in 2008. Regarding LaBoy, he's roughly 6'3, 270 pounds. The last few years he's averaged about 5 sacks a season, which is impressive considering he plays on a line with Haynesworth and Odom.

LaBoy looks like a proto-typical Cover 2 DE, and might fill a big need as a back-up pass rusher.

Source: Draft Daddy Blog