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Colts cut Anthony "Booger" McFarland and Rob Morris

So much for my idea to trade McFarland. Both he and Rob Morris were cut today in order to save salary cap room. Cutting McFarland saved $6.85 million in cap room.

Rob might get re-signed at a lower amount. It's doubtful McFarland will get re-signed, and that's a bit sad. I'm a big fan of ole Booger. He was a great leader on the defense, and a very unappreciated DT in this NFL.

Tip to Blueisgood for posting a diary entry about this.

Update [2008-2-27 20:59:51 by BigBlueShoe]: John Clayton is saying both Booger and Rob failed their physicals. It's odd that Booger failed his. He's been healing since early August.