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Dungy kicks Belichick and the Patriots in the nuts

One of the overlooked quotes from the NFL Head Coach 09 announcement, which features Tony Dungy on the cover, was a somewhat subtle but still hilarious dig by Dungy towards his colleague, Bill Belichick:

GameTap: Are there going to be any cheat codes in the game where I can spy on my opponents?

Tony Dungy: [laughs] I don't know about any cheat codes. They say that's really a big secret around here, it's like Spygate. I don't know if they put that in there or not or what the penalty would be if you entered any cheat codes, but we'll probably only let New England have cheat codes.


That, boys and girls, it what is called a bitch slap! Tony Dungy, aka the pimp, just gave one of his hoes, Bill Belichick, a knuckle scrap across the face.

Is Tony Dungy gonna have to slap a Belichick?

Predictably, Mike Florio is saying Belichick will likely remember this quote from Dungy next season. I wonder if Florio is aware that NO ONE GIVES A SH*T what Belichick thinks is bulletin board material, especially Tony Dungy. Why would Dungy, a highly respected coach, give a crap what a cheater like Billy Boy thinks is bulletin board material? Dungy does not like Belichick, nor does he care what he thinks. Belichick is universally despised by NFL coaches because of these cheating allegations and his antics during the 2007 season (ie, running up the score on the Jets, Dolphins, and Redskins). He also choked away a perfect season by doing a crappy job coaching the Super Bowl. No one gives a crap what Bill thinks anymore.

Now, after posting that incredible un-PC segment, here is a nice, funny quote from Dungy via a site called Game Daily, who also interviewed Dungy for the game:

What's it like to see yourself as a video game character?

It's unbelievable. My son [Eric] used to tease me all the time with Madden and say he was going to fumble on purpose just to see my reaction in the game. We think of ourselves as a head coach and you know that on a national TV game there might be 30 million people watching you, but it's still something different to see yourself in a video game and to think, "that's really me!"

Good stuff.