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Stampede Blue's Super Bowl 42: Open Thread

We love ya, Eli!

Obviously, we all want the Patriots to lose because... well, they seem to represent all that is corrupt in football. But, it helps that Peyton's bro Eli is playing against them. So, I don't feel dirty rooting for a team other than the Colts. If Dallas or Tampa Bay were in this game against New England, I'd feel different. But I have always liked the Giants, and I root for Eli.

Tonight is not an easy task. In fact, it is damned near impossible. If the Giants win tonight, it will be the greatest upset in Super Bowl history. But, it is an extreme long shot. The Pats will be ready. They will be motivated. They likely are cheating in some way, shape, and form.

Still, we dare to dream. Post your game comments here, and don't forget to give some love to Eddie at Big Blue View.