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Choke job! Giants beat Patriots 17-14

Patriots lose Super Bowl 42. Eli Manning and the Giants just pulled out the biggest upset in sports history!

I guess karma has a way of coming back to bite ya, and sometimes the good guys win.

Way to keep it in the family, Eli! Be sure to hop over to Big Blue View and congratulate Eddie and the Giants fans over there.

Ya won little brother! Ya won!

Update [2008-2-3 22:51:2 by BigBlueShoe]: Belichick's post-game news conference was typical Bill: Assholish, short, and classless. The news conference was trumped only by his childish act of walking off the field with 1 second left on the clock, leaving his team on the field to finish the game. Brady is on now, and unlike previous loses (where he storms off and seems to cry) he's actually standing in there and fielding questions. So, bully for Brady.