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Chicks dig the Manning boys

I don't make a regular habit of reading Jezebel, Gawker Media blog dedicated to "Celebrity, sex, fashion. Without airbrushing." It's... uh... it's my girlfriend. Yeah! Yeah, she likes it. Reads it all the time. I don't read that girly crap!


Anyway, while I sat in front of the TV last night, soaking in all the joy from watching the NY Giants stick it to Team Destiny, I got a kick out of the "cut to" shots of Peyton screaming his head off in the booth after Eli and Plaxico capped the game-winning TD drive. For all you big brothers out there (and I'm one), you know Peyton's reaction all too well. It's a different kind of reaction to, say, watching your child perform well. But it is still a great feeling when you see your sibling succeed, and Peyton's reaction was a feeling I know I've had several times.

Peyton's reaction also caught the attention of the ladies out there. As I'm watching the tube, the GF yells from the other room (where she's reading Jezebel): Hey, girls think Peyton is hot? I give my typical, "That's great, dear!" response. She then forwards me a link to a Jezebel post, and makes me read (on pain of death) some of the comments.

Turns out the ladies thought old Peyt looked pretty sexy in his shirt and coat, starring out the game from the shadows of the press box. Eli as well caught the ladies' eyes. Amazing what winning does for you:

Peyton's never done it for me, but tonight he is. Where is his wife, EVER? I saw her in the hair salon once, but never on the teevee.
Peyton must have the Manning family [beep] tonight, although he's wasting it just hanging out with that fire extinguisher in the luxury box.
Ah yes. The Giants win is now a total victory. Not only did Eli and the Giants win it all, but in the eyes of the ladies Tommy Dreamboat was overshadowed by Captain Forehead and his "Mama's Boy" little brother.


Now, if you'll excuse me. I have to go back to reading Jeze... er, Maxim. I meant to say Maxim. Really.

Peyton and Eli: Bringin' sexy back.