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My boss is wrong: Nazis are indeed funny

I wrote an article a few months ago jokingly comparing the Patriots to Nazis because 1) Most thought it was funny, and 2) It was absurdest humor. Anyone who took it seriously lacked a sense of humor, and I have no patience for such people. A few months later, I was talking to my boss, blez, about a variety of things, and he brought up the Nazi article. He said (and I'm paraphrasing here) that Nazis just aren't funny, BBS.

Now, it is very rare that blez is wrong, because he's the all-knowing, all-powerful master of SB Nation. But, in this particular instance, he is dead friggin' wrong.

There. I said it. If you don't see me blogging tomorrow and some guy named NazisArentFunny is introduced as the new head blogger at Stampede Blue, then let that be a lesson to all bloggers everywhere: Do not f*&k with, blez.

That said, meet Adolph Hitler, Patriots fan:

This Hitler Pats Fan You Tube video is an homage to one done with Hitler as a Cowboys fan, a video circulated on just about every sports blog known to fan (because it was LOL funny). Now folks, I think this goes without saying (but because some people need it said I'll say it anyway): This is not an endorsement of Nazism, and I do not think Patriots fans are Nazis. I do think after 60-plus years, our generation can afford to laugh a bit at some of the tragic events of the 20th Century. Laughter, just like grief, is one way to understand and deal with something as historically important as the Nazis. Sports is not something that should be taken too seriously, and just like sports a You Tube clip using footage from a German film about Hitler's last days and changing the sub-titles to say Hitler is mad about the Patriots losing to the Giants also should not be taken seriously.

There. Now hug and kiss each other, and swear you'll never join the Nazi party.

BTW: If you haven't seen the film this footage comes from (Downfall) Netflix it right now. It is a chilling film with tremendous performances.